Saturday, March 17, 2007

yiPing meeT

yiPing meet

YiPing which is one of my ex gf long time never meet her already. she recently came from k.terenganu to look from her bf. so i use this chance to have a meet with her at KLCC since we almost 2 year never meet each others already since break up till now.
she said she will bring her friend mei rong come together klcc coz she already promise her to bring her along. i dun like feel like tat was a good idea. then i trying to call my friend acc me also. so, i ask waiseng accomapy me go KLCC after his class.

have our lunch at KLsentral KFC then reach klcc around 245pm. that was late already then we faster go TGV there go meet. who knows on the way to TGV me n
waiseng was KapLui-ing that time suddenly Ter-kap a gal look like yiping manatau that really her . LOL ( dunno u guys understand wat i trying to said here if not then cont read bah. xp) as usual, guy late sure get complain from gals then she saying that she not feeling well of her stomach then might going back early on 6pm like tat. so we cant watch movie with them lo. so we just accompany them( yiping and meirong) shopping shopping then tired d sit down at SUN MOULIN CAFE yumcha. and i ordered a weird ICE LEMON TEA the taste without sugar. the stuff ask me to put sugar myself =_=|||
after tea then they cont shopping then we guy cont accom them loh.. something special is we pass by the Isetan gals cloths department then suddenly we saw both models look like real models modeling for the Triump brand ( that was Bra brand for those guy who dunno ) then once we look closer that was REAL human Model there~! two of the model standing inside the transparent box present their Triump Brand with their beh-tahan-hot-sexy body LOL we trying to snap pic of that afterthat when we walk back the the box there but unfortunately the models gone d. T_T so no sexy model picture showing here.

alomost 6pm already so before leave snap some picture with yiping then sayonara to them at Isetan. so now leave me and waiseng again.. the wholeday waiseng like very sien then make me feel guilty of his sienness so i decided to treat him watch movie for my guiltyness. then we queue up for movie at last we choose 300 again! LOL coz 300 damn nice movie and others movie no nice to watch so decided to watch it AGAIN lo.. LOL ohya, almost forget i treat waiseng then he duwan he want chili's so end with no more treat him d. LOL

so after movie, we rushing back loh. ws going back his home by KTM and me dinner alone at kl sentral McD then took the freaking damn it repidKL bus frm 10pm wait until 11pm then only depart to cyberjaya. then almost 1230am only reach cyberia. wat the hell... hopefully this is last time im taking bus to shopping.. no more next time! Iswara faster come help me!!!!

me and yiping

2nd snap

lala in LRT ( japan look?)
hidden snap practicing
My name brand. ( copy right? )

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