Monday, March 12, 2007

Sushi + 300

Sushi + 300

last 2 day was weekend, 300 was on show already. sunday parents coming, and the coming day will be busy with midterm test and assignment so i was thinking to watch the movie on the day.
was chatting with Yinghooi then suddenly we talk bout the 300 movie then try to ask her wanna watch together or not. then she said gonna see foong ying what time wake up then only can discuss how. so i was putting my ym status something like "foong ying wake up, we go watch 300! " then it was really fortunate that fy saw my status while she wake up going to pee. LOL
coz normally she will sleep 12hour until 6pm for dinner time. thanks god~

than we discuss conference in msn. it took us almost 1 hour to settle how the plan. =_=|||
so we me, keat meng , ying hooi, yuan qin , swee yong and foong ying depart from cyberia at 5pm. In car actually we still haven decide where to took our dinner. then drove until damansara there only decided to go kepong eat sushi.
Gepong sushi was really nice. although i dun really like to eat sushi coz sushi normally cant fill full my stomach since i appetite was BIG and sushi not cheap. But the sushi there was nice. compare the price was cheaper than sushi king of coz. i order some sushi to eat and my favorite is Spider Unari! i drow a almost half of the spider unari sushi while i eating =_=||| it was so wasted u know as a delicious food i saw on floor T_T at least the sushi make me quite full although din eat much i think it might be because of the green tea drink. they keep on refill the drink although we just drank half of it only.. i think i get refill 4 - 5 time =_=|||

spider unari ( the brown colour one)

after had filled our stomach, here again we decided either go the curve or 1utama. Due to 1 utama got 2 cinema and the curve only got the cathay so we decided to go 1utama watch 300.
cant book the ticker online. gsc fully booking and tgv online booking system got problem so we need to get to the cinema there to queue a long long up to get the ticket. we cant get the ticket from gsc as well coz all time slot only leave the few front row and we decided to try TGV. TGV suck but no choice i dunwan to watch others than 300. No others good show at now also.

TGV everytime also no ppl buying so we get our ticket every easyly. Our show was on 1130pm and that time still 7pm sumthing so what to do. gals = shopping, we guys bodyguard~ fy n yh wanna buy shoes so me and keat meng accompany them jalan the whole 1utama to look for their shoes. around 1045pm. fy get her shoes with double set sumore. YH get ntg coz never belanja me eat so God dun let her get the shoes that she want. LOL Resting at starbuck for a moment before the show start. like what i always do. JAVA chips was always taste better~

300 show was really nice. but only 1 thing shock me that was the whole story is kill, kill, kill then blood blood blood~ my whole brain was full of red colour while after watch that movie =_=||| it showed that killing the ppl like no feeling as a brave spartan or a cold soldier. spartan never give up to killing the soldier from tentera paksi although 300 vs million. you guys must dont miss this movie if u guys like those war fighthing movie. but strictly no under 18 ~


after movie, went for supper since everyone was hungry and shy to tell. LOL Asian cafe was the place we have our supper. i was trying to get photostat of my ic and lesen coz the next day my parent coming and they need. A shop open with the PHOTOSTAT word stick at the shop there then i walked inside they said NO photostat. wtf was in my mind on that time =_=|||

after makan then balik lu... around 3 or 4 am reach home. 1st time go shopping with them gals. since we just knew each others from the cnye event. glad to knew some new friend =)

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