Friday, May 08, 2009

OMG. that's me?!

*i feel 'no face' to saying that's me inside the video.

I don't know why they named this video as "Malaysian Gangsters" and no idea who put it on youtube.

As i mention in my blog here, here & here last time, this video is a local kung fu movie which name " 3 DRAGON ". Not "Malaysia Gangster" please!

Anyway, I'm not gangster! =.=!!!

p/s: please don't laugh my Cantonese speak. i knew it's suck. =.="


Anonymous said...

lol~~at least still can understand wad u said lo~~

Aireen said...

Dapatkan iklan percuma Google anda di sini.Selain dapat menjana pendapatan lumayan. Di sini bermula perkembangan produk anda ke dunia yang lebih luas.

crystal said...

how come they name the movie as Malaysia Gangsters ?
Omg..swt la !
although ur cantonese speak not so good,but still can listen & understand ~