Monday, October 20, 2008

i miss my shooting day

i miss the day last time
the day that busy looking for casting
the day tiring with shooting tvc =(

I remembered the day ( last 2 years ) traveling from far far Cyberjaya to ShahAlam to shoot the NTV7 show.
Video here
More photo here

and get to know some of good looking friend there too.
Now some of them are model, actor and singer already.

Another good moment memories for me this one, The Maybank Myzone TVC.

I having one of the featured role as a Rich Boy in TVC.
Some of my friend watch that TVC in Astro.
and some of my friend said he watched that in OneUtama Shopping TV there.
you know what, until today i still haven and never watch this TVC before. =.="
More photo here

Another one which is the last one that really give me lot of shooting skill and experience, The 3 Dragon.


I did blog about this movie shooting before, for better me not need to repeat again can click HERE to read more.

Now? where am i?
i siting in office working full time on web designer in office hours like the normal people.
go work on 10am.
back home at 7pm.
monday till friday.

Working life is totally bored. i love my student life back!

anyway, just get a called from Erik's Talent agency.
they ask me to go audition for a Host for Malay Kid TV program on wednesday 3pm.
but too bad i am working for full time already so i rejected them direct on the phone.

Am i doing the right thing? letting go the chance which i wish to catch them long time ago?


well, i don't know....


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, you just have to sacrifice lo, if you really miss the media world, then i believe whatever decision you made, there will be ppl supporting you from behind one. Good luck lo Mr.Spider. :)

Bryan Hoo said...

thanks splashmilk =)

FC said...

aww.. I know how this feels Bryan...

Well, it depends loh.. and I agree with splashmilk ;P but do what makes you happy.. not do what makes you sad (except in certain cases when there's a very good reason)...

wishing you the best Bryan

Anonymous said...

I WANT TO SAY GO FOR IT!DON'T LET URSELF REGRET IN FUTURE. We still young remember?this kind of chances doesn't come everyday:)

Bryan Hoo said...

haha thanks hannah! so sweet u =)

gwy now working different with study life d leh. need to earn money for life leh. no easy to choose 1 ah... haha

Anonymous said...

Just doing what you interest in, cz in that way, you'll fight for it to be success. Better than sitting in the office and doing a routine work..
You're the extrovert ppl rite? So suppose to be out from office..haha
Nothing getting easy from the beginning..
Really hv to scarified, either a high salary job but you dont really like it, or lower salary job but you interest in it..

Anonymous said...

saw them in ur multiply di! hehehe! bryan!! u look so so so so so thin 2 yrs back.. but u look great now!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya la.totally miss studying life things like parttime jobs..being nominated for prom king dun happen to me anymore..

But i definitely dun miss the studying :P

Going for madagascar2 screening? =)