Monday, October 13, 2008


my house(kelana Jaya) was flood last 2 Day ago!
and now still busying cleaning the whole house.
and now finally i can online so i update a bit of my recent news here first.


yeah, this photo is taken a while later.
before that is flood until inside the living hall.
all the cpu, moden, rounter all seriously floor by water.
but luckly all still can use.
and more lucky is my pc is on my room upstair so din't get effected. Thanks God!

here the video that i record with my cellphone...

that's all for now , i need to continue help my housemate clean the house now!


Ee said...

OMG..Hope everything is ok soon for you guys...

SaeWei said...

wahrao flood until so jialat???? O_O!!!

OMG..hope you had everything kautim by now ahh.. :huggies:

Bryan Hoo said...

yeah. all okay now d

Anonymous said...

Yo dude!

Wah seh...happening shit man flood hahaha.

Long time didn't flood in my house liao..i miss playing with the flood water..

if ur lucky u can come across water snakes too..last time i beat one to death when my old house banjir muaahhaha.

Anonymous said...

hahah! aiyo bryan! ada snake o not!