Friday, January 16, 2009

Charity: (Ovum) donor get RM3,500 ?


Let's do charity while earning great income !!!

Note: Please proceed only if you are a NON-MUSLIM.
This program is only for NON-MUSLIM due to religious reason.

There is an organization looking for young ladies of any race to help childless couples by becoming an egg (Ovum) donor.

To be qualified, you must be:

1) Non-muslim
2) Non-virgin
3) Age: 18-29
4) Healthy
5) Regular period (menstruation)
6) Not afraid of injection

You will get RM 3500 for your time + FREE medical check ups.

(For guys, you can help the childless couples by sharing this great opportunity with your female friends)

It's SAFE and EASY. It's done by well known clinics in Damansara, KL and Johor. As we all know, ladies eggs are produced and dropped every month, so it's better to donate and give hope and joy to the loving couples. USA and UK guidelines are strictly followed by the clinics - you can donate many times and still can get pregnant after that.

If you are interested to know more, here is the procedure:


1) 30 minutes consultation with doctor
2) Sign agreement form and safety form to protect your interest.
3) Medical check up (it's free) to know your health condition.
4) Will get report in few days time.
5) If your health condition is acceptable, your profile will be shown to childless couples.
6) If you are selected (normally you will be selected not more than three month). Doctor will give you medication (very very small injections) to be taken at home everyday for about 10-15 days.
7) Medicines are taken to make your eggs become many and healthy. No harm.
8) Discuss when to transfer eggs.
9) Will get cash immediately after the eggs have been taken. No operation/surgery and no pain. Doctor only sucks from your vagina using very small and long tube. No side effect.

Please feel free to contact us for any other enquiries.
We are contactable at 012-374 2008.

If you are interested to help, kindly fill up the form here ( and click 'submit'.

Then you will be informed for medical check up if you are selected.

Thank you for your kindness.

Best regards,
Ovum Donation Program

Model Galaxies
42B, Jalan SS21/58,
Damansara Utama (Uptown),
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Selangor. Malaysia.

For the contact detail and for more information please visit here :

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I also surprise. RM3,500 u can get if you just donor your Ovum?!
That's mean girls can earn RM3,500 every month without working?! OMG~
**Update: My friend said donate second time can get RM5,000. =.=|||

and after read this, now i understand why we guy sperm donor cant get this price figure. LOL

If can i think the most rich gender in the world with be Guy then.



lilo said...

well, it might sound like an easy task for guys, but when one ovum is produced, a lot of energy is needed, and a woman can only donate 3 times a year. so basically, if u based it on ur calculation,

1st time = 3,500
2nd time = 5,000
3rd time = 9,000 (rough estimate)

that means a year, for a woman not to work but just live by donating her ovum, she only get 17,500. that is like barely 2,000 a month.

think about it. not a laffing matter. and it's still better to be a career woman, y rely on guys? we can be the breadwinner too!

haha, sorry, a little girl power there :) have a good day bryan

Ee said...

I agree with What Eileen said..

Don't think its really needed to have that amount of money in such short period of time by doing so...

I rather choose to be a career woman instead and earn what I can earn and plus I believe there are many other ways to earn money too ;))

Anonymous said...

oh oh,i want to post dis advertisement in my blog d oso.It's really smtg new.

Anonymous said...

it sounds more like selling ovum than donating it...

HitoMi Ng said...

yea...more like selling.

I dont know how good it would be. But injection for 10to15 days and all the medicines...OMG

the liver also spoil la...

And one more thing...i don't think it is suitable for virgin

Unknown said...

is this legal?
where and whom should we make an appointment with?
pls let me know

Anonymous said...

There are many complications to consider. Future chemical imbalances, risk during the retrieval process, hyperstimulation of ovaries landing you in the hospital. Plus any of your embryos not used by a couple will go to stem cell research. Just be glad you are not one of those embryos. Think long and hard about it!