Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2009 Resolution

Time pass really fast
i still remember the last last year new year eve celeb at the curve with friends to welcome the coming of 2008.
Now, another brand new year 2009 already.

Look back, as what i can remember what i did for 2008...

1st came into my mind is, i cant graduate together with all my friends. T_T

2nd, middle of the year began my internship at CARI Internet Sdn Bhd after that work as permanent staff until now.

3rd, i have a relationship more than 1 year! feel proud! haha

4th, fulfill 2/3 of my 2008 wishlist. PSP and Laptop.

5th, move from Cyberjaya to SS2 then move to Kelana Puteri Condo then move to Company rental house.

6th, Before end of year, i able to have a primary school-mate reunion gathering.

7th, Began my online advertising career on December and found out that earning money is so hard. @_@

8th, 2 of my friends went to US and one still at Aus.

9th, I quit smoke and i did it!

10th the last one, I knew a bunch of crazy playful blogger friends!!!

Ok, that's all i can think for 2008, now is the resolution for the brand new 2009!


1st, Health.
Of course this is the most important not because i got sick right now. Is just i need to keep my body as healthy as i can so that the sick virus wont come and visit me, so that i can live more longer in this world. More healthy food needed, less KFC and McD and this year no matter how i must go GYM!

2nd, Convocation.
I must graduate this year no matter how! FYI, due to my laziness last 2 years ago and it turned up i get extended 1 more year. I did thought to quit my degree last time but NOT NOW! I still got 2 more subject to go. It's mean, i gonna score well for that last 2 subjects and going on stage with the square hat!

3rd, Career.
As i mention above in December 2008 i have started my online advertising career in CARI. My position now is Digital Media Specialist and my job is to bring more sales ( $$$ ) to my company. I wanted to learn online advertising since 2 years ago. So the lucky me got the chance to learn that in CARI so i gonna appreciate it and learn + work hard on this.

4th, Vacation.
This is one of the wishlist for 2008 which i cant make it. I cant save more extra money to afford me to go for any vacation since i already spend on others things. ( PSP and Laptop) haha. So, this year i wanna to earn more money to have more extra money that afford me to go for a vacation. I don't really mind where is the location as long as is relaxing enough can already. Beach will be the best. ^^

I think these 4 are the main resolution for my 2009.
Of course there are still a lot of things i want to do in this years. Human are greedy right? haha

That's all. Hope i can achieve all of these resolution in 2009.
I will read back this one by the end of the 2009 later. haha

Happy New Year =)


Anonymous said...

i know u can do it, n do it great.

FredY said...

bro~ i m very proud of you... gambateh!! sincere one.. on what you have achieved on 2008

australia beach- the best!! must come hor... wait for you here... =D stay + food i will sponsor you.. jus fly here can oredi..

Anonymous said...

Let's check out each other to make sure we will achieve our resolutions. Gambateh! I set up my blog dee, but then haven't think of a perfect direction yet. So, just hang on ya.