Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Show Off

Since Yien Yien show off her Facebook 64 friends request~

so i also "show off" a little bit of my Facebook la.. hahaha

And others than that,
i wanna show off my blog counter already over 30,000 !!! Congrat me please =p

Web Site Counter

Anyway, that all for my today update. Mou liu update =p


чLιиg said...

Congratz neh!!

Anonymous said...

haha.. aiya u!! hahahahah!!

mine is only more than 2 weeks ma.. don like that don like that! wuakakaka!!

Congrats congrats la horr... i m so sick here still wan to bully me bah.. sobx!! muahaha

Ashleyteng said...

it often happen to me too... for me, it's not that because many ppl come add me, it's all because i'm too lazy to go approve it =X hence it all got accumulated