Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival Gathering

(Above is the flash file, you might cant see if your browser don't have flash player. )

this is what we did for our mid-autumn celeb at Sandra's house others than makan Domino's pizza and KFC. ^^

thank Sandra for the invitation and thank Chee Wei for the awesome photo!!! LOL

who want the animated flash .swf file or .gif file or .exe file just let me know.
I'll send to you =)


Anonymous said...

so cute!!!

lilo said...

eh it's so cun la... macam mana buat? now the cikgu tanya student...

Bryan Hoo said...

eileen: haha... guna flash lu~ mari mari let me teach u mau? LOL

-waiseng- said...

fuwahhh.... kasi itu flash file ok? HAHAHA