Saturday, July 23, 2005

my DeaRest ^kai jie^

my dearest kai jie, knew her since 1 was form 1.that time she was form 2. dunno y she ask me to b her kai di, then i also dunno y bcome her kai di d. dunno y huh?! :p
after i move to another secondary school when i f3 then i seldom can meet her d. then after that we used to pos letter to each other.1 month once, 2 month once, 3month once, half year once.. then now din post d -_-|| i also dunno who din reply who d. i think is me gua.. coz i lazy to write word 1.. :p anyway, recently we got start contact to each other. n jus know that she jus break up with her bf which alr walk together with her 4 year d. she very sad. she cry when she told me her story on the phone.and i feel like.. speakless.. n dunno how to consult her.. jus feel like wan to giv her a deep hug n b with her. feel guilt that i cant acc her when she was down n hurt. when i know, alr 3 month after all. but she told me she was ok now. jus lost alots weight tattime. she told me she gonna gain weight n im fully support here. =)
anyway, wish her can found her luv 1 soon. found some 1 tat wont hurt my kai jie. i will always pray n bless u,my dearestttt kai jie!
miss ya...

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my dearest kai jie - seow pei

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