Sunday, July 24, 2005

d0 th3m m|ss m3?

suddenly very miss my friend all. expecially my alpha gang... just now look back harlow blog. then my mind suddenly appear all the moment that we used to be together before. harlow put kaiseen last year birthday picture on her blog. the picture remend me back last year we celebrated kaiseen birthday. almost 1 year already. day by day... jus gone without our knowing...
i miss my popo vian,harlow wanyin,siaw yin, muimui kaiseen,and RG? haha.. yeah, i miss RG also. guy cannot miss guy? this is the gang i mean. i really miss them alot. since after the alpha 3rd sem break until today we haven hav a chance to meet them. coz jus me come to cyber study. although i jus at cyber only not oversea. plus my howntown at mlc. but i dunno when i meet them. coz mostly i back mlc they back their hometown also. haih.. i dunno wat the heck i typing here. 1st time i share my feeling on this blog. im not good to express my feeling n decsribe my heart to word. wat i can tell is , i really really miss them.. miss the moment b with them togethers.. u know what..sometime i just wonder when we can go for a holiday like traveling some place... i jus wonder when... we can...
i miss you guys... do u??

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RG,vian,ks,wy,sy and me - simply fish *memory*

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