Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Forrest Gump - Tom Hanks -

after my tce digital system test. i totally no mood coz dunno to do. then my frenz said open a movie n watch. then i think mayb its a good idea for me to dun think bout my test jusnow then i agree his suggestion. we watch forrest gump in my room. My favourite actor Tom Hanks starring 1. Is a very old movie alr.. that day saw tis movie in a BT forum then i fast fast go download it. i really like this movie.. he descrice the story from when he was a kid which is not normal. IQ jus hav 60 only. then day by day ... time by time... he bcome a famous american football player which is can run very fast, then a top general in his soilder life, a pro represent US pingpong player, A billionaire n he bcome very famous.. he very kind hearted, smart at last, friendly n brave... and he loyal, romantic n loving to his gf. quite a sad ending for me coz in the end he cannot be with his gf that he loyal to.. i like the background music of the movie.. classical music.. im downloading the soundtrack now.. hehe.. n i like the way they start their movie n end the movie.. i mean the style not the story. if u guys there never watch this before,then u should go watch it.. no regret! =)

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my favourite actor - Tom Hanks

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