Thursday, April 09, 2009


Recently i listen to this,
Slipknot - photos from Google image

I do not how to describe why i like to listen on it.

You try and listen the youtube bellow. Maybe you will like it as well? ( don't scare by their mask face )

Okay. Maybe some of you said that is noisy.
but i think there are still some others who like it also right?

here some extra photos of Slipknot:
photos from Google image
photos from Google image
photos from Google image

listen to it. Maybe u will like it. =)



Their like the U.S. version of Japanese Goth rock Band: THE GAZETTE...i mean the music they made

zeon said...

their style is totally diff ler... besides, they hv been in the music industry for 14 years lo. slipknot is still the best =P

marcusan said...

did you know, NO BODY has EVER SEEN their real faces? omg right? LOL

Anonymous said...

huhu scary faces... gives me nightmares.. lol =P

Anonymous said...

they've reveal their faces in several of their side projects... it's such a sweet and cool mask u shud say? =P

Pink said...

1. Omg, total sound pollution.

2. Mask damn ugly =.= Not cool at all, only applicable during Halloween la please.

3. Moral hazard. Imagine a 5 year old kid watch this and act like them in public.


Really cannot understand why u guys love it so much. lols

Anonymous said...

1.they are basically the boy-band of their music genre. so you can call them soft/acceptable. maybe try to goggle other band with the same music genre they are more trashy then this.

2.their mask are as ugly as sin. but most of them are normal looking with out them. so its just a front and that means their costume designer is on the ball on hes job.

3. the moral hazard is the parents of the 5 year old kid who let him/her attend/visit and listen to their material.

Plus it's the internet age sweetie. There's lots of things people wouldn't understand,too many sub-cultures to understand.

Aireen said...

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