Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Gaji tol collector lagi mewah dari kerja engineer. Betul ke? bacalah kisah di bawah ini.

Lain kali minta resit!!!

Toll Gate Operator

I had to go to some place in Desa Pandan yesterday afternoon. Of course the road that I used was KESAS

Highway. The story I'm about to tell started upon reaching the Toll Gate near Awan Besar

. It happened after I handed to the Toll Operator my payment for using that expensive highway - RM 2.20.

Me : "Resit, pliz..."
Toll Operator : "Err, bang, resit takde la..."
Me : "Mcm mana boleh takde pulak...?"
Toll Operator : "Erm, saya TERTEKAN kelas 4.... harga dia lain..."
Me : "Kelas 4???".... (sambil tercari-cari where I could find any clue about Kelas 4...)

Ah, there it is, just right in front of me...

All of the sudden,

Toll Operator : "Bang, nah amik la... saya bagi 'change'" (handing me RM1.10)
Me : (automatically accept the notes with blank expression, shut my window close and bye-bye)

At first, I said to myself, "Hey, at least I pay half, itu sudah Untung..."

Until I realize the actual plot done by the Toll Operator... Damn it, I forgot his name from the name tag!!!

Like what old folk said - Selagi tak kena batang hidung sendiri, selagi itu kita tak sedar.
Now I know that there is some basis of a few allegation towards the Toll Operator. Even one of my friend refuse to work as Toll Operator due to this sinister plot.

Apparently, most of them vowed not to disclose this wrongdoing to other people and unanimously doing it without any guilt.

So how much do the Toll Operator actually earn from this broad day light robbery in their own employer's premises. Let say that every time the Class 1, 2 and 3 pass through the gate and the Operator press the Class 4 for Taxis...

One Car - Class 1 - Loss - $1.10
One Lorry - Class 2 - Loss -$ 2.20
One Lorry - Class 3 - Loss - $3.30

If the Operator manage to get 100 vehicle for every class in a period of 8 working hours a day.

Class 1 $1.10 x 100 = $110
Class 2 $2.20 x 100 = $220
Class 3 $3.30 x 100 = $330
Total = $660.00 per day!

Assuming he/she work for 5 days a week or 22 days a month.
Total = RM 14,520.00 per month!!!
Not including his/her own monthly salary....
Wow!! that's more than 3 times fold of normal engineer's salary.

And that's only for one operator... how about other operators that did the same thing?!

Remember Ask for the receipt next time!!!

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