Sunday, April 26, 2009

my OMFG Kawaii friends.

ops.. Sorry guys if you think you gonna view some cutie, pretty , adorable, kawaii mui mui / girls photos here. because i going to posted 2 of my buddy who like to being Kawaii all the time.

Candidate No.1 :
Mickey Phoon

Candidate No.2 :
Albert Ling

Who more cutie and kawaii?

Feel free to vote at comment there ya.
*For those who voted , you get the chance to win a dinner date & catch a movie with the one u voted.

*Terms & Condition Apply.

P/S: I'm not gay. Just share with you my cute friends. =)


Anonymous said...

aiyerrr, bryan u so gaaaaaaay!

Gideon Yoong said...

HahahaHahha go wai seng go!

Pink said...

Albert Ling!! Hahaha cuz he can really make people laugh until roll on the floor :P LOLS