Thursday, August 23, 2007

Maybank TVC shooting day

Maybank TVC shooting day

after the extras for DIGI yellowman tvc, now me 1st time get to be talents in the maybank tvc. cant believe i can get the role since i was not good in the casting previous day. fortunate for me since tis is my 1st time casting i success to get the role in the tvc =)

so yday i wake up early morning 5am, sis fetch me to ss2 while she going to work then we gathering there with farezz, ikn , chryst and chryst's sis and frenz.
reach our shooting destination pincak alam around 8am but since our shoot is on afternoon and my shoot is on 3pm so we force to wait at there the whole morning. we chitchat, playing around, sing , and do lots crazy thing. thanks god they are funny and friendly else i gonna bored till die at there already.

the 1st shoot is the main actor, hurairah and the mum, Nurul. after that only is our talents turn so we one by one wait for our turn to shoot.

farah as britney, chryst as rapper , bryan as rich boy , johnny as nerd , fareez as rocker , hurairah as main actor, nurul as actor's mum

everyone was trying hard and give the best performance in shoot. yeah the tvc very short just 30sec only but it seem like easy and simply but honestly that is not easy at all. we all need to act for many time many take for the same scene. so that the director will choose the best they like. 30 sec tvc and it took us whole day for it to shooting! and 1 more thing i found out shooting acting is fun for me but waiting for ur turn that period is damn bored. sometime u just wait for few hour just for ur 10 min shooting and with the make up on ur face and sometime u cant change or take off ur costume/cloths also.

but in the end, alth is bored and tiring but i did had alot much fun as well. knew some new friend also and earned lot experience. i appreciated it. hopefully coming day i will get more tvc shooting or drama that is wat i wish for.. hehe

talents with the make-up artist, Nan

new crazy frenz =D

nerd, main actor boy, britney, rapper and rich boy

nurul , fareez the rocker and me

me in RICH BOY look.

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