Monday, August 06, 2007

KLCC PC fair part time

KLCC PC fair part time

1st time work at pc fair as the promoter of PENDRIVE. so of coz selling pendrive d lo~ very tiring after work for 3 day. actually really satisfly with the salary but what to do i cant find any better job already since i forward my msg to everyone of my friend and put my status for few week already. so i just use tis chance to grab expenrience and give them a good impression of me lo~ ( frenz of mine same friend was complaint with the pandrive manager about the low paid in the end he quit after the 2nd day )

1st day in pc fair was tired but 2nd day was more more tiring coz the crowd of ppl non-stop going. fully than pasarmalam. i need to go toilet also need to "traffic jam" ! =_= then 3rd day was tiring also same as saturday damn alot ppl.. but lil impress for me at the end of the pc fair everyone was shouting the low price at they can. then everyone was kena "saman" by PIKOM comitee. LOL and my boss kinda cute as well. treat me not that bad at least got dabao lunch and dinner for me. haha..

on the 3rd day , happen a crime catch just IN FRONT OF ME. there 's a gal suddenly shout "PENCURI!! PENCURI!!! " I was shocked suddenly. then the gal catch the thief hand and said why her dompet will at ur pocket?! the thief said " i pun taktau siapa letak sana?! " the gal dun believe and keep on catch the malay guy hand. the malay guy try to runaway few time but the gal keen catching dun let go. the gal shout for few min but no security come as well. so she phoned the police and wait in front of me for the security come. i did try to catch the guy when the guy wanna runaway but my bos ask me jaga the pendrive! hahaa wait for almost 5 min the security still haven come, then the BF of the victim ask his gf forgive bout it and ask her let go the thief. then the bf kena scold by the gal! ( padan muka ! ) u know what, the BF from the beginning since his gf shout Pencuri never even help to catch the thief at all! what the .... guy .. sia sui our guy face nia~ around 10 min like that security came then they bring both of them to the office then i also dunno what happen next already and continue selling my pendrive!

crime scene just infront of me!

trying to get the most nice view to snap~

then, another stuff in my booth her hanphone N80 was gone. she said she put inside her beg and now its gone~ so she called police and wait for the police came. that moment i damn pekcek i dont know she lost her phone i just saw she stand inside the booth and me selling ALONE outside the booth! damn busy at that time. need to promo and explain to customer, need to give flyers , need to write the cashbill for customer , then need to jaga the pendrive incase ppl stole it. all i need to do it ALONE man~ busy like hel~~

i think i shall stop here already la so long i wrote d. thanks to keen soon, so that i can tumpang his car to pcfair. luckly din kena saman! lol nice pc fair work! nice expenrience!

anyway, if u guys heard ppl shout "buy pendrive free RM5 cash " in pc fair. that's ME ! =)

me in pc fair - selling PENDRIVE new USB Drive ENVO

p/s: forget to mention, i m the top-seller for selling for the Pendrive. hehe blush* =p

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