Friday, November 27, 2009


I think most of the people got their own dilemma in their life. So do I too.

One of my dilemma is when I still in my university study for my Degree. That’s was the time I found my dream - Acting. I joined some drama class, attend some society club drama stage performance, and in the end I felt in love with acting. Thus, I went and tried some casting for TVC and Local TV series.

Fortunately, I got some of the featured character and appear on screen but some just extra for the shooting. At that moments, I really enjoy with all those casting, shooting, acting etc etc. I can acting whoever I like. It just like being the real of me, myself.

But back to the realistic of life, I failed some of my subject due to I spend most of my time for my acting dream. My dad felt disappointed. That is the moment I having my 1st dilemma in my life. I need to decide either to stay with my acting dream or give up and concentrate on my degree. To be a filial / good son of my dad, I decided to gave up my acting dream, and promised him to get a Degree certificate first only pursuit my dream.

3 years later, now. I have a chance to pursuit my acting dream again after I been graduated for almost a year. Currently working full time as online advertising sales. As sales line i can earn enough every months. Few weeks back, one of my friend he were going to direct a on stage drama with some others famous directors.

He invited me to be one of the main actor for his drama. I was really happy to got invitation by him. His invitation remind me of what was my dream which I wanted to make it real 3 years ago. Today, I’m no longer a student , I can do whatever I like! I can pursuit my dream now! But… here I have my dilemma again, yeah although I have no commitment for any study certificate anymore.

But now I got another more heavy commitment which is my work. If I accept the invitation, I going to spend more than 4 days per week to practice, and to perform I need to have more leaves from my working hours. It will totally against my working careers. I facing my dilemma for either to give up my work now and re-pursuit my dream? Or decline the invitation? Decline the chance of my dream and continue working earning money for future sake?

Dream more important? Or Money more important? Dilemma killing me!

Anyway, that’s the dilemma still unsolved until today. Hope after watch this AVATAR movie, I can solve my dilemma. Of course , it would need Nuffnang to give me FREE ticket first. Thanks! =)

Note: Above story submit to Nuffnang Premiere Screening -AVATAR contest too.

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