Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shooting time!

Shooting time!

Finally we went for paint ball before everyone leave MMU. Yesterday we went to Putrajaya Paint Ball Park to play. it only 10mins from Alamanda putrajaya only. The park might be ulu abit but it already fulfill all the paintball place d. they got 3 location (mean map in cs) , u can choose which location u would like to play. 1st, the normal 1 with all the tongs there , 2nd one is which some boxes and trees for u to cover yourself 1 and the 3rd location is at the Palm tree there 1. we decided to play the 2nd location because it seem like a bit more "jungle feel"!

before walk into the "War" area, sure take a group photo 1st !

Man United Team!
voonfei, waiseng, bryan, steven and hugo

Liverpool Team
John, keat meng, lclun, giomana and Lai

Too bad my team, MU team lost with 2 - 1 to liverpool team. This is because MU dun hav much player here, and chelsea fans is in our team somemore. sure hard to win d like this. haha

and we did a hugo celebration for hugo while at the end of paintball. We split to 3 group and each group vs hugo alone. so he need to vs each 3 groups until we run out of bullet. Ohya, forget to mention we everyone each person only got around 10 bullets. hugo got around 100 bullets. so actually we are not bullying him okay~! Anyway, happy birthday hugo lim! thank me for organize the paintball on ur birthday lo! unforgettable gift right?! LOL

The group photo after the "war"

Hey guys! When the next shooting time? let's try the 3rd location palm tree map okay? ^^

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