Tuesday, May 06, 2008

How to organize gathering/trip/event

How to organize a party

Option 1 -
Only One Organizer in charge
Organizer confirm the location, the plan, the time or etc. If anyone cannot make it then sorry to them, if more people cannot make it then party cancel because no point to do party if no one appreciate. As a example, Rave Party. Location at PD if u think is far or not fun or anything just don't go then, the party is still on with your attendance.

Option 2 -
Majority Choice
Everyone suggest once and see which is the most people suggested. Good example for majority choice are Vote or doing a poll only. Everyone vote the one they prefer then close vote, see result then settle. Since the majority win everyone wont be complaining. Boh Song? sleep at home then.

For me, this is the best way to organize a party. That is better than asking one person by one person opinion, then the plan will keep on changing from here to there then from there back to here again due to different suggestion from plenty of people. In the end, all plan all
party cancel wasting time only.

Anyway, another point of view from me. Every party got their theme/meaning/objective behind. Party is organize for people who appreciate it. If u attend the party mean u respect and understand the
meaning of the party. For those who simply FFK the party, you are helpless and sorry to your friends and organizer. Think before you act.

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