Friday, February 16, 2007

valentine [ GAY ] celebration LOL

valentine [ GAY ] celebration LOL

after the tiring MAYA assignment today we finally can relax can decided to go watch ghost rider and play snooker since i wanted to play so long time ago already.
after went gym then we ( me, km , waiseng and andrew) discuss where to watch movie then departed at 7pm++. at 1st andrew suggested wanna go sunway piramid watch but the show on 745pm so is kinda rush for us can afraid sunway there will be having traffic jam and hard to find packing in piramid so at last we turn to the mines as our final conclusion. so 7pm andrew came and fetch us go the mines...

reach the mines then we run to the TGV cinema to see either still got he GHOST RIDER movie ticket available or not but unfortunately only left he 1st row infront the screen 1. bo pian la since today is the 1st show of that show. so we decided to get back later on 45 min before the show start see either we can get those missed reservation ticket. So, while waiting we went to KIMGARY to have our dinner. we finish our dinner very fast since every one was hungry like hell. nothing special about kimgary there la. try some new rice and saw 1 leng lui also la.. hehe..
km and waiseng


Me ( the leng lui just behind me in the pic ^^ )

almost near 9pm.. we go ATM to get some $$ while waiseng to buy the ticket but too bad the ticket was fully sold then we try to ask the next time of the showtime and it was on 11:55pm but still left only the last show nia.. so we decided to wait the miss reservation ticket again so while waiting again we walked to play DAYTONA ( always get champion, quite bored bout that game d. LOL) then after that we went to play snooker.

snooker was fun but bored with some time when everyone spend almost 5 min to shoot in a single ball =_=||| play until 11pm then we faster get to the cinema there wait for the open sell of reservation ticket. we missed the previous show time already so we dunwan to let go this time. so once we get to the counter there luckly we be the 1st in queue up. by time getting close to the showtime the crown getting more n more ppl. so we wait until around 1130pm then the ticket salesgirl only allow us to buy the reservation ticket. so very lucky this time we get the 4 ticket of nice seat in the middle of cinema. actually not that much emtpy space already just only us get the leng seat.. hehe..
ghost rider

so we get in the cinema with full of excited. but manatau the movie not what we expected in our mind. yeah, the rider nicolas cage on the harley davidson very yeng but the story damn damn lame la.. so overall for me NOT that great la.. so hard get the ticket and see this kind of movie feel like not woth it like that lo.. so now after ghost rider im waiting the next movie: "300" and "smokin ace" not bad too! coming soon both of the movie. cannot miss that.

so after movie we all also tired already then going back cyberia lo. but then on the way pass by the seri sembangan then remind us of the roti peanutbutter then we decided to have our supper at that mamak. 1st time get to ate this ROTI peanut. is NICE. gonna go try it again next time. finish makan then balik lo..
Roti Peanut

morning went to MAYA lab do MAYA and submit MAYA assignement and afternoon before class went to find my last sem CG tutor Eileen which gonna leave Malaysia soon but she was on leave not in office then after class went to her office then saw her were talking phone there then dun feel like disturd her then balik rumah. then gym then.. ( continues to the beginning part ) I think dont have chance to see her already and tona's roma also no fade already gonna wait until she back from Abu Dhabi only can yumcha d.

so that's all for today la. tomorrow going back melaka on 2pm. So nice can back home already finally. CNY is very very near now but im now really disahkan Pokai jor. leave rm13 in my wallet only...

anyway, the next pose of my blog gonna wait until after cny already since my house at mlc dun have broadband so susah la nak on9 and blog. so wish everyone GONG XI FA CHAI and for those gambling one WIN WIN WIN la.. see ya~

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