Wednesday, February 14, 2007



after a few month of preparation.
after few week of busy.
after few day of tired

finally we done it successly.

this is wat i did at the 1st day of the workshop. almost more than 100+ i wrote =_=

Our Dragon head of the event! Good Job by Ah ma( the redshirt infront)

last preparation for our event

Pray pray at the temple. pray for no rain of cause. thanks GOD too

Yum cha at gasoline

5am at genting after yumcha + bowling @_@

Ying Hooi and mE

ping nee and mE

Our Zhu le team photo

CNYE big family photo

Gila gila after event no.1

Gila gila after event no.2

FInally done our event. thanks you guys! well done!

The event began frm 4pm till 11pm but we began prepare the day before. althought many unexpected thing happen on the event but the ticket sell out more than 1000+ and it din't rain on that night. So i think the conclusion should be counted as SUCCESS bah?
anyway, this event was totally make me tired like hell. my leg totally lose feeling after that event. run here run there on that night. Now my leg still can stand more than 5 min and even walk to campus also new strenghtness.. i feel im like an old man now. Need to jogging more on coming day already.
so that all for tonight i think. almost 5am now already and later will having class frm 9am till 6pm. due to many of my frenz complaint that i never updated so no matter how need to updated tonight lo. and sorry for so late only update my blog ya.. coz busy lo~ hehe..
actually want to wrote more, in my mind got thousand of thing wanna share out but now my mind really cant tafsif now. got to go sleep now already. will update more tomorrow soon.

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