Sunday, August 21, 2005

seCondAry sChooL friEnD

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these r my secondary school frenz.ALL from SMK munshi addulah school. i think these r the only chinese in our form that time. our school is malays school.very less chinese student 1. now some of them still doin F6 in munshi, 1 at segamat tarc, 1 at kl dunno where ( coz not really close with her) she very good in wu-shu 1. represent negeri 1 lo.. dunplay play. another very pro in study 1. now i think is at shah alam( if not mistake) he goin to london soon... ,1 working at greenworld bistro melacca now. he now is the supervisor there alr lo.. 1 at UKM now coz she taking matrik before that and 1 at mmu cyberjaya now... guess who? that me lo.. hehe =)
this pic was taken at one of them house when 2005 CNY. we go visit our house 1 by 1. haha.. last year we take bus to go house by house. now? everyone drive lo.. haha.. visit a house sure no place parking.. haha.. dunno next week CNY we still can like tis year mah... hang 2gether n there will b a very happy n unforgetful moment .. hope u guys now doin well la.. =)

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