Saturday, August 20, 2005

fRenz:: [ justine ]

20 august 2005, 6:30am. i was still chatting with my frenz wan yin. she stilll duwan sleep and i still duwan sleep then we chat lo.. chat those fei fei thing.. hehe.. anyway, she bcome more pretty than last time d. Beta year more pretty than Alpha year. hehe.. mean wat? later gamma will b more pretty !!! hehe.. so guys.. book tis gal 1st lo.. hehe... knew her almost 1 year n 4 month d. how we knew each others? should b bcoz of CLS bah.. then after tat we got always hang out 2gther also lo.. she's cute, sometime she will do some funny thing n said some funny word.. sometime also make us =_=||| haha.. anyway, i proud to hav u as my frenz. hope we can b good buddy also la... now she taking software enginnering at MMU melacca. we seldom can meet each others d.when we gonna stimboat again??? misss the moment =) anyway, hope she can shu shu li li in her study la.. n fast fast get her partner also la... hehe... take care my frenz~!

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wan yin aka justine aka harlow

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