Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How I Step Up With Nuffnang

How would I organize my flash mob?

My idea is Flash Mob in Office!

Don't you think this is COOL?!

Imagine all your colleague sitting in their desk/cubicle with all the keyboard typing sound, phone ringing, presentation in meeting room everyday. I can feel the boredom even I imaging it now...

Now, try to imaging there is a song suddenly blasting out from no where. And all your colleagues stop their, stand up and dance! Let me repeat one more time, is ALL of your colleague in your colleague ya!  Cool right?!

Okay, Maybe some of you not really good in imagine thing. Check out this video below, It is almost similar with my idea, FLASH MOB in Office!

Lastly,Step Up Revolution is coming on cinema soon! For sure I won't want to miss this movie as i LOVE all the dancing movies! Don't believe? Check out my favourite Dance Movies which i blog-ed earlier here

Feel the Awesome Dance move from the Step Up Revolution Trailers!

For more information about the Step Up Revolution Nuffnang Movie contest, check out the Nuffnang Blog here now! =D

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