Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sushi Buffet as Merdeka Day Celebration?

Yesterday Malaysia's Merdeka for 53rd year.

As a Malaysian here what we done for Merdeka Dday?
Tempting for those Sashimi lover right? ^^

Yes! We ate a lot of Salmon Sashimi and Tako to celebrate 53rd Merdeka Day at Puchong IOI Boulevard Umaiya Japanese Restaurant.

Is a Buffet Lunch special for Merdeka Day. Usually they serve buffet lunch only on Saturday and Sunday. RM 48++ per pax.

One thing i like about Umaiya is the Sushi and Salmon all freshly make for you after you order it from the menu. Fresh is most important for me as eating Salmon and Sashimi. =)

Of cause why we there for lunch not because of Merdeka Celebration la is because we are celebrating Cheryl 23rd birthday there. Yes, She is Merdeka Baby~ and for me, they tumpang celebrate my birthday in advance too! xD
They said we look like couple wor, do we? LOL
(please ignore my kiddo hairstyle =.=)

Who are "They" ?
They are CK, Jaslin, Joshua, Ren, Ceddy, Cheryl, April, Bebee and Wilson.

Thank You for the expensive lunch as i don't know they going to celebrate my birthday as well. Hmm Hou Yi Si need you guys to pay extra for me too. @.@

Btw, Happy Merdeka Day and Happy Birthday to Cheryl Chung Shang Hui!


joshuaongys said...

bebee crazy wan!

Bebee said...

wei.. u jeles is it i can eat alot :P