Thursday, September 02, 2010

Happy 24th Birthday to Me

Today is my 24th Birthday.

Early Birthday Celebration from my family while i back Melaka last weekend.

my cake from secret resipe! nice!
my lovely sisters and mum and tian tian mi mi!
and my dad!
Present from my sister. Thanks!
Present i bought for myself! LOMO LCA+! ^^

Not any special feeling about today. Birthday is just a day to telling you that you are growing older. I don't think that need to celebrate. Okay. maybe i just being emotional that seeing myself older and parent getting older. =x

Things changed a lot this year. Used to love September very much.
But now, i just wish September never come. Wake me up when September end?

By the way, Thanks for the wishes from all my friends! Facebook, SMS, Twitter, and BBM! Appreciated. =)

I wish...

Dream may come true.

Happy Birthday , Bryan Hoo


tommyzine said...

omg~ LC-A.. yuan lai it looks like this, any output to show yet?

i wanna have a look :D

good one and happy belated birthday yea!!

Unknown said...

Happy Belated Birthday again! rofl