Monday, October 12, 2009

World of Twitter

Nowadays, everyone using Twitter.

More and more people "tweet" what they doing in their life.
Some people treat it as a social messenger tool.
But for me, twitter is just a way for me to find out what the latest news, promotions, and etc etc.

I like to "follow" those corporate twitter(Coca-cola, Maxis, adTech, MediaAsia, ESPNsoccernet, SONY, nuffnang, thestar) more than those celebrity. (Ladygaga, Seankington, jason_mraz, tonyfernandes,and NajibRazak)

At first, i see all my twitter they using some weird word like: "okthkbai", "RT", "FFK", "CBF" and "DIAF". I really don't understand what's all about that. But, after that my friend, Dayze @deisereedaniel(This is what twitter mention somebody with the @ infront of the name) explain to me:

okthxbai = okay, thank bye.
RT = re-tweet
FFS = For Fuck Sake
CBF =cannot be fucked
DIAF = die in a fire

Now i can fully understand what all these twitter language already. No more twitter newbie! haha

I even connect my twitter with my facebook account. So that whenever i updated my twitter it will automatically update my facebook status as well.

Can't wait to have my new Blackberry phone, so that i can tweet anytime and anywhere! LOL
This is what twitter bring revolution in our internet world.

Lastly, you welcome to follow my twitter at =)

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