Sunday, March 20, 2005

My POPO!!!

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My POPO. Lee May Ee...

we knew each others when we were in EEP. i remembered im the 1st to talked to her when orientation day. " hie, ni jiao she men ming ah?" popo: " may ee (with a sweet smile =) )" haha... then after that we were in different group then we seldom mix 2gther d. then we meet again while we continue our study at MMU. she taking Alpha IT. At 1st,we seldom meet in campus also.. then dunno y then we always 2gther liao.. bcoz cls??? then dunno y may ee bcoz my popo n im her "uncle" pula?! haha... popo is a pretty gal n smart. always go library study! n frenster also open 2 acc liao... haha.. wat u frenster link ah? i help u advetisement here.. hehe.. take care my POPO~!!! =)

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Anonymous said...

uncle.....!!!! you become forgetful!!! first time u chat with me, is use english la..!!!! apala..!!! SUAN~~~ why suddenly talk about me? aiyo..~~~ "steal" my photo pula..!!! haha..!!! anyway hope after you go to cyber, we still can keep in touch.... miss ya... hehe...