Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Training Day: CARI Internet [ Week 1]

Started from 2nd of June, i been having my industrial training at SS7 CARI Internet Sdn Bhd.
I think you guys familiar with CARI right? It a Malaysia famous forum site. Similar with

1st day, me and CK ( also MMU-ian training at CARI ) two of us were reach there earlier around 830am. Then we wait outside the office until 930am only 2 of the stuff came and open door for us to go in. =.=" thus, we wait again for our supervisor came. After she came, she introduce some basic information about the company and intro us to everyone in the company. Not big company just a small office with around 8 stuff only. ( plus me n ck then 10 )

what i did on the 1st day?

surf internet.

yes, supervisor ask us to explore all their CARI forum services see got anything need to be working on it.

then, ask us to format an OLD pc =.="
before end of work, the supervisor give us some work to do, ask us to design the CARI forum logo for Agong's Birthday, Father's day and the Dragon Boat Festival logo.

The Agong's Birthday CARI Logo

The Dragon Boat Festival CARI Logo

The Father's Day CARI Logo

2nd day, whole day doing the Logo in office lo. Nothing special. but CARI Boss Mr.Liew da bao lunch to us to eat ^^

3rd day is today, just change a new cpu. Begin to do all the design work. Before work, suddenly said ask us to do a CARI Anniversary logo, CARI character for the Wallpaper. Due date: Friday.
so we only left 2 only to complete the job. (We = 2 people)

4th day, Im rushing doing the CARI Characters and my partner CK doing the wallpaper background and the Logo.

5th day, Finally we done our wallpaper before lunch time and surprise our bos, Mr. Liew by curi curi change everyone pc & laptop to the CARI Anniversary wallpaper. Then we have our Pizza Hut delivery at our lunch. And celeb CARI 12th birthday with cake.

The CARI 12th Anniversary Wallpaper

Weekend, Went for Kungfu Panda at OneUtama. Nowadays, OneU just 10min driving distance from my house only. So, OneU is just like SK Jusco from Cyberia last time. LOL
Ohya, Kungfu Panda is NICE! Must go watch it!!!

p/s: Due to Busy of working and the new room there internet connection slow like hell so i only able to update once a week while i have free time in Office. ( Boss just sit behind me only so kinda hard to update everytime)

Week 2 Part Coming Soon...

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