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Assignments and FYP trimester

Assignments and FYP trimester

This trimester taking 5 subject + FYP

TMS2091 - Multimedia Information Systems And Management

i failed this subject once last 2 year so take again this trimester with Keat Meng and Jessica. Thought will be the same lecturer last time but MMU change the coordinator of this subject. and dunno is good or bad the lecture is my currently FYP moderator as well. So, guess what i need to attend her every class and be a good student infront of her. ( for the sake of FYP presentation next time) Lecture is quite bored from me cause almost theory everything. ERP, DSS, MIS etc. etc. Sorry no interest from me.

Assignment 1: Interim Report, Report #1, Report#2 and Final Report.
Submission : 4 Reports mean 4 time submission date. Now left Final Report due on 25th April.
Groups with KeatMeng and jessica of course. No problem since we did group for assignment before but Jessica seem like hate the lecturer so much so she kinda emo sometime in class.
Problem: Kinda troublesome because the lecturer expected much on us. Even need us to discuss via Internet/Blog.

TAR3111 - Rendering And Animation

Rendering and Animation teach by Angeline XXX. Can said pretty if compare with those "Wantan" lecturer here. But she not that well teaching in class. Everyone were skipped her class. Lab section even worst. She didn't really teach or show us about the coding. So that mean, Assignment all need to settle sendiri. Midterm: Currently marks haven release but for sure i cant pass since i just ans 1 question others all blank. sad case.

Project: Submission on 8th April ( few hours later)
Group with Alfred. Feel guilty and sorry for him because due to others assignment and FYP i didn't really put my afford on this assignment. Almost done by him.
Problem: Cant do the Texture part because She never teach us well in lab so everyone was headache about that. Plus, the God-Damn OpenGL ain't easy at all seriously.

TDA2411 - Digital Audio And Speech Programming

This Subject i shall took last year but due to i failed others subject last time so this subject had been extended to this sem only can take. And another reason i took this subject this sem cause Jillian, Hugo and my housemate Voonfei also took this subject so i thought it easy for us to group if they are any assignment later.
Lecturer section? bored. Unless u interest which about Speech. It's all about the speech like prosody, vowel, formant, phoneme etc etc. U interest? Nah, not for me please.
Midterm? result haven out yet but never expect much from me.

Assignment 1 and 2.
Assignment 1 group with jillian. Done and submit last few week ago but it only 10 marks.
Assignment 2, doing individual. duedate: 21st April.
Problem: Assignment Grouping. Been sudden sabotage by someone and get no group to group with at last. Get disappointed not because of the assignment but about the friendship and don't understand why the fella wanna did this to me. Thanks for increase my stress while i need to prepare for my FYP. mlm

TMD3041 - Multimedia Database Systems

Another bored subject for me. This subject is all about all the Multimedia database. how the video or image extract into the database. A "Don't like" from me coz i dun like study Unrealitic thing. I can't imagine these kind of thing. Bryan's brain: "SORRY! NO ENTRY!"

Assignment 1 and 2.
Both assignments groups with Waiseng and Kenny. No group member problem since we did group for others subject assignment before.
Assignment 1 done but need to presentation few hours more later.
Assignment 2 haven start yet. due date on 28th April. Currently plan to do after FYP submission.
Problem: Don't understand at all what we did on Assignment 1. All search from Internet.

TVR3101 - Virtual Reality

The most i preferred subject. Is just about doing the 3D Graphics. Different with Rendering And Animation subject cause this subject never use OpenGL. It use VRML and Java. I like designing subject. =)

Assignment 1 and Project. Assignment 1 did individual. Done and get 9/10. i'm satisfy with that.
Project, haven start yet since the duedate is on 2nd May. So, just settle the FYP 1st.
Problem: Java coding? still don't know yet since i haven start.

TPR3321 - Final Year Project

Finally come to the BIG subject. Since i said is BIG so that mean this subject is super important. it took us 6 credit hours. 1 credit hour = around RM250. 6 hours mean? more than RM1K. that's the money matter. CGPA is another BIG reason as well, since it's 6 CH so that's mean this FYP result will totally effect your CGPA in the end. So, isn't it BIG ?

Group with Dayze.( She really a good partner! salute with all the cute graphics she did) ^^
Duedate: Submission on 24th April ( 2 weeks more)
Progress: 30% ? don't really think so.
Problem: Flash scripting. Don't really understand well about the Flash action script. Super stress now since it left 2 week only for me. Somebody can help me about Flash? T__T

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