Thursday, June 14, 2007

Intervasity Camp

Intervasity Camp - 第十七届全国大专生活营

This trimester break was a very meaningful break for me. because of this camp my holiday at least wont that bored. and because of this camp i learned and again a lot. most important i knew many new friend from there.

the camp was held on 6 june until 9 june. that was on our MMU sem break and local Univeristy holiday. this camp was organize by MMU Chinese Language Society. the theme of the camp is " In Search of Freedom For Unbounded Joy - 寻自由,乐无限 "

I went this camp with my best frenz weiye. im the one who invited him to accompany this camp. at 1st i was adfraid that the camp will bored him but luckly it wont. and the camp committee even celeb his 21st birthday for him with all the participate of the camps. he almost drop his touching tears.

the 1st day event was so far ok ok not really satisfly by everyone. kinda bored about the talks. and the many ppl were complaint bout the MC. and some of the members wanna to quit n leave the camp sumore after the 1st day event. but everyhing was okay after the 2nd day activity. maybe the 2nd day activity was more fun compare with the 1st day bah. i think is bcoz of the 2nd day got the activity that can run and play like the station mini games like that. that mean that University student still prefer play & fun more than a meaningful talks. haha. at night we playing something like biding. i think that night was the highest tempo of the camp coz everyone was shouting having fun on that time. kinda crazy and out of control night. and make some frunt make dimsup for our camp organizer eat. hahaha.. that's was great.

3rd day was fun also. we got the fesyen show and stage drama acting. i personally perfer acting but my team need to a guy to be the model and they asked me to help them. so i was the model and kahlehfei for the stage acting. anyway, my model cat walk skill never disappointed my group at last. i get the 1st place with others group for the fesyen show.

the 4th day, the last day of the camp. everyone seem like no mood maybe is because of lack of sleeping after 3 day of tiring activity? or maybe everyone know we going to leave camp and seperate each others already. My group number 9 getting the highest scores after we corporate so hard by each others. so before we leave i try to take photo with every one but it still not enough time for that.

as conclusion, this camp was fun and great. and i ain't regret that i get many more new friend from the camp. next year if got the chance i still will join the camp!

i miss u all , friends.

group number 9

our LEG loh!

designer and model .

the winners

weiye 21st birthday celebration

me and chui fang

me and alex

me and siok chin

me with others

my team!

yeah my group spirit~

having fun~


after camp at
after camp at melacca


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